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Online Casino Games

For the majority, online gambling falls into a couple of major catagories, however at the pinacle of all of these gambling verticals Casino reigns as king of the hill. Casino has been around since the dark ages and that has found its way onto the internet making up a huge percentage of online traffic dedicated to gambling. Slot games being arguably the most people out of the casino sector, this makes for a very competative market where consumers will be extremely spoilt for choice. If you have ever walked into a restaurant with to many dishes on the menu, to the point where you have 0 clue what to choose, the online slot gaming industry is now the literal representation of that. There are enough slot games for an individual to never learn about let alone try in their lifetime. With countless slot game creators and even more online casinos to play them at, this is going to be a real hassle for the average bear to get through. So with all that said youll need somewhere to figure out what is worth your time and money.

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Why BestSlot.Games? Our Highly experienced staff know their stuff! With an average of over a decade within the Casino, Slots, Poker, Sports betting and Lotteries industry we know what we are talking about. Our trusted team have worked in Customer Support, Senior Product based roles, even odds compilers and traders! We know what a customer is looking for when choosing the best Casino Slot or Sports Betting site to join. We understand what makes a good game and what good odds look like. So when choosing the right Casino Slot site or Sportsbook you can trust


  • Slots

What is a Slot Game. Slot Games are randomly generating games of chance played on both online and land based casinos. Normally made up of several reels spinning and stopping in succession of each other generating a combination of these symbols. The basic idea is to hit either particular combinations or a series of the same symbol across the multiple reel to win the multiplier prize or open up bonus or special rounds for increased winnings.


  • Bonus

What is a Bonus. A Bonus is an offer presented by an online, offline casino or sports betting company. Such bonuses vary depending on the casino or betting company, these are often initial offerings for first time depositors or when launching new products. Bonuses can vary from free no risk bets, matching of the deposited amount, free spins and many more depending on the product and company the customer is opening and account with


  • Reel

What is a Reel. A reel when referring to both online and offline casinos is the spinning mechanism which displayed the symbols making up the slot game. Both online and offline slot games differ depending on the casino with variations of the type of symbols used , amount of reels or symbol displayed on each reel. These often work on x3 or x5 formats however can differ especially when looking at online casinos in different locations.


  • Free Spins

What is a Free Spin Bonus. A Free spin bonus is an offer normally provided by an online slot game or casino where a customer is given the opportunity to spin the reels for free and retain the winning prize in the event of a win. Such Bonuses are normally offered to players on first time deposits or in some cases simply the launch of a new product the online casino wishes to bring attention to. Many slot games and casinos require a minimum amount spent or rolled over (total amount bet) to withdraw the corresponding prize from a free spin with an online casino.


  • Jackpot

What is a Jackpot. A Jackpot is the total sum of an accumulated prize normally utilised in the Casino or Lotteries industry. A Jackpot can refer to a set amount or ever increasing amount based on a portion of each play building up to the said jackpot until that jackpot is won. Some casinos and lotteries have set caps on jackpots however this is not common and often increase until won by a player.


  • Payline

What is a Payline. A Payline is one of the most important features for both online and land based casino slot games. A Paylines determines the potential winning combinations available within a casino slot game. This can vary from casino to casino and casino slot game to another. Each play line indicates the possible locations for a symbol combination or pattern to take place. Such playlines vary greatly with the number of reels a casino slot game has built in and what is required when calculating the winning prize or launching of a bonus round. Playlines apply to both real money, play money or free spin games.


  • Paytable

What is a Paytable, A Paytable is the corresponding amount to be paid out when a particular combination or sequence of symbols is achieved on a Casino slot game, the amount will directly correspond to the amount bet on the casino slot game and will often be calculated as a multiplier of the said amount. The Paytable also determines the amount to be won during bonus rounds which often have increased multipliers greatly enhancing a players winnings.


  • Scatter

What is a scatter symbol. A Scatter Symbol is what most Casino Slot Game players look for when playing a Casino Slot Game. This is normally the bonus, mini game or special round activator often triggering a number of free spins or increasing the multiplier of any winnings made post scatter symbol and normally remains in play for a short set time period. Each scatter symbol will alter depending on the casino slot game played.


  • Wild

What is a Wild Symbol, A Wild Symbol on a Casino Slot game is another of the players best friends when playing slots. A wild symbol often creates a copy of the adjacent symbol highly increasing the chance of achieving the required combination or sequence, this can be stated symbol mirroring or poviding the missing symbol when create sequence patterns on a slot game.


  • RTP

What is RTP or Return to Player. RTP or Return to Player is the percentage based amount of money a machine or online slot game will return to players and retain the difference. Most slot game operate a figure between 80-90% which means the amount will be returned however the duration of that return is not specified. With longer duration's the games tend to give back larger jackpots however with far less frequency.


  • RNG

RNG or Random Number generation refers to the random generation of the winning or losing chance a player has when playing the said game, this is instilled by the algorithm used to generate the RNG . It is the certified fairness or ethical practice to insure the casino, slot game, or any other betting related game based on games of chance works on a fair randomly generated chance of winning. This certification is normally verified by either looking at the owner or publisher of the game and in some cases the licence carried by the casino or slot game provider.